For over 20 years Scott Dittrich Films has been a leader in the field of action cinematography - producing, directing, and shooting commercial spots, documentaries, sports films and second units on feature films. For us, this means producing spectacular footage in locations around the world, utilizing the top talent, and waiting for the ideal photographic conditions. For our clients, this means brilliant footage. It also means a choice of perspective, from telephoto to extreme wide angle cinematography, aerials to under water, point of view or traveling shots, and rock steady slow motion.

We have our own Sony 900 Cinealta HDCam HD camera, and Arriflex 35mm cameras. We shoot in HD as well and can provide images on film, tape, or digital files. We also have the supporting gear, including lighting packages and underwater housings.

Our experience includes shooting in extreme locations on every continent - from Andean mountain peaks to remote tropical Islands. We specialize in underwater and surface water, microscopic, macro, aerial, time lapse, and camera car cinematography. Wešve dealt with most every imaginable lighting situation from huge arenas to the intimate and dramatic.

We have shot and directed famous actors, models, athletes, animals, and even insects. And we have provided the talent for various commercial spots, second units of feature films, and various sports programs.

All this means that we can deliver both the complex and the simple and can meet impossible deadlines. With our HD camera, for example, we often shoot footage and within minutes have it emailed to our client for approval.