The Action Sports Library evolved out of Scott Dittrich films in 1985, specializing in the action sports footage that we had produced since 1972. The library has now grown to include nearly every extreme, professional, and recreational sport and many other subjects and to include footage from nearly 100 cinematographers. While most footage is shot on film and then transferred to both HD and digi beta, certain subjects and cameramen and subject areas originate on HD and other digital or tape formats. We began the library specifically to meet what we perceived as a lack of personal attention to client’s needs and to provided each of our shooters with a fair opportunity to have their footage seen by potential clients.

From the beginning, it has been our purpose to offer clients personalized service that is both affordable and precise. We try our best to deliver images that meet our client’s requirements and not waste anyone’s time if we don’t have the right footage. To this end, we have taken great care to obtain photo releases from talent, teams, and locations so that we can deliver cleared content. Similarly, we strive to protect those we shoot from projects with which they would not wish to be associated. We do not sell any footage to so-called “adult” programs.