Air Sports



Air Show races Various Air show events classic planes modern jets loops formations fly bys tricks bi-plane wing walker crowds
Base Jumping Base jumping basejump waterfall tricks various heights one of a kind jumps accident wall hits crashes 35mm, HD
Blue Angels Air show, fly formation, military jets
Hang Glider Crashes crash land spiral downward
Hang gliding Hang glide hang gliding ocean mountains POV, HD or 16mm
Hot Air Balloon Ballooning Festival colorful many stunt jump time lapse air to air scenic
Hydroplane Crash Turn run into each other flip damaged race
Paragliding Paraglide, flying and soaring on wings in the sky. Daring extreme sport. Winds, sky, termals. Feelings of freedom and adventure. Aerials pov air-to air, 35mm or HD
Sky diving Skydiving sky dive diving take off plane jump male female POVs tricks slow motion tandem groups circles, HD, 35mm, 16mm