Action Team Sports



Archival Vintage professional Ted Williams Dimaggio Jackie Robinson Yogi Berra Casey Stengel Yankees stadium Red Sox Cleveland Milwaukee spring training, 1930s, 1940s, 1950s
Ball No swing ball
Baseball Crashes outfielders hit, base runners slide
Best Shots professional college HD team sports stock footage crowds
Bunt Baseball batter fake bunt hit run
College Baseball College HD team sports stock footage crowds cleared, 35mm, HD
Crowds Stadium crowd wide, close, day, night, stands, buying tickets, small stadium, large stadium
Double Baseball player hits runs second base
Double Play Baseball throws, double play, out, slide
Error Double play bobbles
Fly Pitchers pitch, batter hits, catches at the wall, outfield, run bases
Foul Baseball game hitters hit fouls to stands, near home base
Home Run Baseball hitters home run hits, run to home
Little League Kids Little league hit run pitch bat umpire parents additional clearance may be required on some footage
Little League 2 Baseball kids boys girls little league
Minor League Farm team minor leagues hit run pitch crowds double play grounder slow motion, cleared, 35mm, HD
Night Games Night game hits pitch crowds Aerial Dodger stadium
Pitcher Pitcher wide close osho pov strikes, balls, sliders, sinkers, fast balls
Pregame Warm up stretch get loose pregame
Pro Baseball Pro Professional players bat hit run base slide pitch double play crowds cleared, 35mm, HD
Single Hit ball run first base close wide
Slide Baseball slide to base, home plate, on front face first, leg out, steal base, home run, double play, fielder catch, Major League, Little league
Stadium Aerial Pro Professional Detroit Tiger Stadium empty Dodger stadium Los Angeles / additional clearance required for certain media use commercial theatrical and more other small to midsize stadiums single A and more
Stadium 2 farm team
Steal Baseball steal base slide safe out rundown
Strike Pitcher throws strikes osho, wide, batter swings, foul tips, misses
Umpires Argue fight scuffle ejection bad call manager umpire player blooper funny